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CIH WordPress Web Design & Development

Commodity & Ingredient Hedging of Chicago tasked me with creating a new website that mirrored the look and feel of university websites. With the goal of branding themselves as an educational resource, I created a unique and clean WordPress design and gave their website a much-needed overhaul.

CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC

Consulting « CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC

Education « CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC

Hog Margin « CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC

Margin Watch « CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC

Simulations « CIH   Commodity   Ingredient Hedging  LLC


HSC Legal Lawyer WordPress Website Design

HSC Legal of Robinson Illinois tasked me with creating a custom website for their budding legal services and law firm. The website was created on top of WordPress. The website features custom contact forms, rotating slideshow banners and a client login portal.


HSC Legal Client Portal

Get Started – Virtual Law Offices   Holtzhouser  Shaner   Cha  LTD.


Empire Chicago Responsive Web Design

This custom web design was built for a Chicago-area event planning company. The website was built using Bootstrap and WordPress. Contact forms were built and customized in order to receive leads for party bookings and reservations.

Mobile Responsive Home Page Design

Empire Chicago Nightlife   Events   Nightclubs in Chicago

Reservation and Party Booking System

Chicago Nightclub Guest List and Party Booking   Chicago Nightclubs


World Hyundai Matteson Re-Design

World Hyundai Matteson required an updated look that focused on creating a way for people to start the car shopping process easier. The design would then sit on top of’s automotive platform. Custom landing pages were also created for each Hyundai car model.

Re-Designed Home Page


Custom Product Landing Page Design




Easy Drive WordPress Web Design, Web Development & Landing Pages

The goal of this project was to design a website for, a marketing concept targeted to people looking to purchase a used vehicle. Marketing materials were provided in order to match their look and feel. The website would be match all branded elements and create a seamless transition from print to web. Development of the website was primarily focused on a website that served inventory to visitors, while other versions of the website were more landing page oriented in design.

All versions of the website were developed and integrated into WordPress. Custom plugins were also created for different purposes. Later revisions and designs of landing pages incorporated Bootstrap responsive elements for properly displaying on mobile devices.

Original Website Design


Beat the Book Landing Page

Easy Drive   Maximum Dollars for Your Trade In   Car Loans and Upgrades   Easy Drive

Happy Holidays Trade Up Event Landing Page



Drop The Payment Landing Page Web Design & Development

Drop They Payment needed a custom-designed landing page optimized to capture leads that also matched print advertising. The website was meant to deliver the right information to consumers while also giving them an option to enter their information. This information was then sent to a CRM system where leads were then contacted by a professional.

The website was built on top of WordPress using PHP and utilized custom plugins.

Lower Car Payments   Low Down Payment on cheap used cars   Car Loans for low payments   Lower My Car Payment
Contact Drop the Payment for Low Down Payment Car Loans   Lower My Car Payment