• Brage & Bolander, P.C.

Brage & Bolander, P.C.

I created a custom website for Brage & Polander, P.C. based out of Northwest Missouri. They wanted a website that reflected their business as well as a tool to educate both their potential and existing clients. The website serves as a quick and easy way to communicate important information regarding the legal process.

Northwest Missouri Lawyers   Brage   Bolander  P.C.

Northwest Missouri Legal Advice   Brage   Bolander  P.C.

St. Joseph  MO Lawyers   Brage   Bolander  P.C.

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Northwest Missouri Lawyers   Brage   Bolander  P.C-mobile.

Date: 2014 Client: Brage & Bolander, P.C. Skills: Project Management, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress Website: www.molawpros.com